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Corporate and Personal Special Events

We will assist our customers acquire precious time to do what matters most to them. Our services are personalized, performed with integrity and with the privacy and complete satisfaction of our customers in mind.
Our team at CSS specializes in helping you to organize and manage special events both in your business and private life.

Planning and Coordination of Corporate events:

Whether it is supporting company senior executives or clients, we can play an active role in increasing productivity and profitability for your company.

Traditionally, outside the hospitality industry concierges are found in the lobbies of many corporate offices and/or service apartments but in fact, progressive companies are making concierge services part of their corporate benefit packages and/or using them as a part of their incentive programs. According to Fortune Magazine, concierge services are present among the differentiating benefits given to employees by some of the 2008 top 100 Companies to Work For.

  Let us assist you with:
Venues and Logistics
Meetings and Entertainment
Corporate Gifts

Planning and Coordination of Social and Family events:


Sometimes in life we all need help to organize those special events for our friends and family. We can help you organize that event, because celebrations with our loved ones deserve that extra effort! 

  Let us assist you with:
Venues and Logistics
Evaluating and customizing packages
Gift Registries

Here is just a sample of a few of our services. If you do not find what you are looking for do not hesitate to contact us


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